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Ok… you do not have to LOVE Coffee or Espresso to get a “zing” out of this call. We are COMMITTED to teaching, training and DOING the business. Join us for CoffeeTalkwithJohn every Weekday Morning.

11 AM ET – see the Calendar for the Zoom Link.

Enjoy the Replays below!


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CoffeTalk is something I started years and years ago… Yes, it is true I do have an affinity for coffee and not just any coffee… I love premium, potent espresso. My life change abut 2 years ago when I got a professional espresso machine for home and now no need for the coffee shop.

The genesis of CoffeeTalk was to have a safe place for our family, our tribe, our community to connect on a regular basis and work together to tackle big subjects and strategies to advance in LIFE and guess what, our business is a big part of it.

Join us and see if there is value for you… we talk about our product, we talk business strategies, we talk compensation plan, we talk structure and qualifications, we inspire and motivate, love and learn we even cry a bit and sing on a few occasions… ok, only Happy Birthday!

An invitation to live your best life…. John Altshuler

  • Learn new skills
  • Learn strategies to reach your financial dreams
  • Be a part of something important

Check out the notable replays… CoffeeTalks that have a series – multiple sessions that have a good shelf life can be found on the Notable Replays.


shared experiences

You are such an important part of what we are doing.  We all do not have our best day every day…

If you are having your best day… trust me someone else on the zoom will need your high energy and excitement to help them recover from their worst day.  It is like an amazing gift exchange.  When you need it someone will be there for you and when you have extra… come and share it!