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Motivation is the process that initiates, guides, and maintains goal-oriented behaviors. It is what causes you to act, whether it is getting a glass of water to reduce thirst or reading a book to gain knowledge. Motivation involves the biological, emotional, social, and cognitive forces that activate behavior.

Brian’s Highlight for September 10, 2021

Extreme situations require extreme measures …

We are currently experiencing serious growth challenges and we must take some immediate corrective action. This requires company-wide cooperation regarding FDA and FTC protocol. We simply have no other choice if we want to continue to prosper and protect our livelihood as individuals and as a company.

Simply put, going forward all brand partners will have to operate their business in a compliant and professional manner in the area of health testimonials and medical claims. Income claims also fall into the same category.

The primary purpose for this corrective course of action is based on following legal protocol regarding FDA mandates which are very clear regarding claims, disclaimers, and product testimonials.

“These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease”.

You cannot publicly post, state or respond to requests for information regarding “do you know someone who had used our product for the treatment of (fill in the blank) disease or medical ailment.

The blatant abuse and disregard of proper procedure has escalated to wild and unbridled medical claims and diagnoses publicly posted online and via social groups.

This non-compliant activity can and will shut down your business and create massive problems for Black Oxygen Organics corporation. These non-compliant testimonials and health claims will no longer be tolerated nor overlooked.

Let me illustrate a common-sense example to my point, which I hope makes it much easier to understand the gravity of the situation.

Suppose you went to your neighborhood health food store, and the store owner had a sign publicly posted or made the suggestion to you that he had products that could possibly cure/treat cancer, diabetes, liver disease, heart disease or any other number of health conditions. How long do you think this owner would be in business before the regulatory agencies paid him a visit, levied heavy fines, pulled his commercial license and put him out of business for good?

All network marketing distributors are subject to the same standard laws, ethical practices, procedures and regulations that apply to conventional business owners. Honorable intention and worthy purpose means nothing to the powers that create the system. They set the rules and standards according to their playbook.

The fact remains that we as business owners must comply with legal protocol and regulations or be dealt with according to FDA jurisdiction over health and wellness claims, or FTC jurisdiction over income and advertising claims. The reality is this; we live in a world of governmental laws, controls and bureaucracy that will put us out of business in a heartbeat for non-compliant business practices and behavior.

We have the best product in the world to support the body and provide the key essential nutritional mineral supplementation that has been lacking in our food chain. When the body is given the food and fuel it needs to operate as it should and do its job, good things happen. With Black Oxygen Organics and fulvic acid, we have uncovered the missing link—the key to proper nutrition and detoxification to support the body’s natural balance and performance.

We have a major story to share around the many features and benefits of fulvic to support a quality lifestyle. Going forward, it is imperative that we stick to the compliant facts and remarkable story of BOO.

Ø Continue to responsibly communicate the positive story of Black Oxygen Organics and fulvic acid, but we must be mindful and meticulous because we are in the spotlight, we have risen above the crowd.

Ø Candidly share your personal story and your authentic experience of the of the good things that happen when you give your body good things to work with.

There is no need to embellish, exaggerate or post eccentric claims and jeopardize the future possibilities we have today to make a difference in the lives on many people the world over including our own. Black Oxygen Organics fulvic acid products need nothing more than to be shared honestly and honorably with people.

Let the results speak for themselves. Thank you for your understanding, your support, your patience and most importantly your professionalism

Brian’s Highlight for July 26th, 2021


You can achieve and receive anything you ask for in life, but here is the real secret, asking it is not completely about raising your eyes to the sky and fervently verbalizing a request.

It’s very important to know and say what you want, but it’s equally important to know how to speak the language of success.

You may have heard it said that actions speak louder than words, this is why I say the asking is in the action.

Action is the language of the universe, “what you sow you reap”, “what you do comes back to you”, “what goes around comes around” do you get my point?

There is no free lunch, a positive attitude is a great asset but it’s your actions that speak to the rewards or retributions that are returned to you.

A few years ago, the inspirational documentary ” The Secret” was trending, and the buzz on the law of attraction was all over the internet social pages.

Many of my associates and friends interpreted this simple cause and effect success principle as an easy way to harness the unlimited universal power through wishful thinking.

I have actually have had people say to me that all you had to do to create success was to visualize what you want then ask the universe, religious faith, belief, or higher power to deliver the requested things.

They were convinced that the secret to success was as simple as asking for something a goal or a dream then sitting back, to await the arrival of the gifts and requests to show up.

Like placing an expedited order on amazon prime and waiting for the package to be delivered to your doorstep

If there is one thing that I have realized to be true it’s this. . .

In order to receive what you want in life, you have to take appropriate action. The truth is YOU have to start your journey with vision and with a belief in your self but you have to commit more than just positive thoughts and trust.

There is so much more to do than simply “ask” for success because without work and effort nothing much changes,

Your faith and belief will always be a big part of your personal motivation and your personal success, because of what you believe you can achieve.

And . . . no matter what your personal belief is based on, you still have to get out there each day a put in the time and effort, and take affirmative action in order to achieve goals. You will either become a dreamer or a doer!

Oftentimes people tend to think that success in network marketing can be had through luck like winning the lottery.

Luck can play a role sometimes, I believe action creates lucky breakthroughs, for the harder I work the luckier I get.

There are 3 things you need to be successful in network marketing.

You need . . .

The Right Product

The Right Knowledge and Training

Most importantly Consistent Persistent “Right” Action

That’s it.

It’s been my experience that 99% of the people who get discouraged and quit get the and third and final point wrong! “Right action”

It’s not busywork action, it’s productive action, working the phone apps, training, working with your sponsor and your team enrolling new partners.

Shuffling papers and reading emails and is not going to cut it, I once had a gentleman hand paint an entire distributor manual word for word page for page in beautiful watercolor illustration, it took him weeks to do it.

He never sponsored a single person, he was taking action, just not the right kind of actions that produce desired results.

You MUST have all the pieces of this formula working in alignment to create success in your business. You can’t simply

apply the other ingredients, learn about the product and develop self-belief and vision then forget about taking the daily right action

All components are vitally important for the basic success formula to work. But success in this industry comes when luck, preparation, timing, and work are combined and communicated.

Don’t be a secret agent brand partner, share your story, that’s the primary action plan. It’s no different than any other

job, in order to get paid you have to show up and take care of business, do the work

Activity equals income, yes, a positive mindset is important as a necessary mental preparation to create the roadmap for success but don’t be afraid to fail.

No one is going to chop you up and eat you if you don’t get it right every time and we learn from our mistakes.

Network marketing is not a matter of getting everything perfect. It’s not a game for a perfectionist or the hesitant,

it’s a game for those who take action and ask questions later.

Don’t worry about everything being perfect or trying to figure out everything before you get started, just go do it

and ask questions later.

Learn and be coachable, attend the training and events but there is no better teacher than experience gained through action taken by getting out there and going for it.

In taking action, you will most likely answer many of the questions that you would have had by just going through the process.

The language of the universal law of attraction is not just a verbal request it’s spoken by the right actions and effort you invest in your request

The asking is in the actionThe asking is in the action

All the Best in Health and Success!

Brian Smith

Brian’s Highlight for July 15, 2021

Find your Why and YOU create your WAY

I want to address something today regarding a common situation that many people experience on the road to success in network marketing. It’s the typical reaction of giving up and abandoning your efforts and commitment without giving yourself enough time and attention needed to fulfill your dreams.

This typically happens when there is a challenge or issue because we are conditioned to look at problems as reasons to quit and move on. It been said that quitters never win, and winners never quit. When a problem presents itself, winners see opportunities to create breakthroughs—finding solutions rather than obstacles.

On the path to the fulfillment of your dreams, goals, and success, there will always be challenges. Problems are like steppingstones to success. They are the foundation that builds strength and character, and when you meet them head-on and overcome them you will find your greatness and become the champion that you are.

Never give up! Persevere in spite of all odds and adversity stacked against you and know that problems are always an inherent part of growth and success.

It’s called finding your why! It’s what makes you tick, your why is what wakes you up in the morning and gets your blood pumping. When you really know and commit to your why; the “way” will appear, and problems will transform into success and resolution!

Problems are not unusual; they are always a part of the cycle of success of progress. You will never be able to solve or fix everything yourself, but you can learn to be surrender and trust that the knowledge and the system is in place to course correct and in time every issue shall pass.

In this challenging time, normal problems are compounded by massive issues created in the changing world of commerce, excessive demands placed on shipping vendors and labor shortages and vendors ripple back to our front door and reflect on our personal responsibilities.

Every problem has a solution, when you are patient and know that the resolution process may take time to settle and take effect, you are then empowered with the positive mindset to focus on your WHY and you will find your WAY.

There are trials and tribulations in any business, and network marketing is a real business. Make no mistake this is not a hobby, it is a profession, a career with amazing retirement options, rewards, and possibilities only this incredible business model offers.

Those who know how to practice and apply positive action, are able to pilot rough waters. They never quit. They remain focused on the journey, and they succeed, you have the heard stories of amazing financial rewards and success.

In the conventional business world as with almost all other professions, you will have studied, you may have received diplomas and degrees, and you will have received some training and education. You are preparing yourself to deal with every aspect of the proper way to run and operate and your business.

You were taught what to do and what to expect before you started working in your chosen field.

When you purchase a hamburger franchise, you learn every aspect of that business right down to the number of pickles placed on the bun—it’s that detailed.

The difference in the industry of network marketing is this, there are no schools or institutions to attend and very little formal training for you to develop problem-solving skills. Unless you have a highly skilled mentor sponsor which many don’t you simply jump or wade into the pool and learn to swim or sink….

There is no entry-level initiation or indoctrination, simply landing on the doorstep of an opportunity with a low cost of ownership and limited understanding of how-to and then trying to figure it out through the series of bad mistakes. This is what makes it so hard to succeed and so easy to quit trying and give up which many do

In BOO we want to make a difference in your learning experience by creating the unique opportunity to learn from the many people on the team who have had years of experience and are willing to share knowledge through the many training platforms held daily, weekly, monthly events.

All of the resources mentioned above are intended and designed to help you receive your master’s degree in success with BOO which is why John and I have created the BON website as a source of information and knowledge for you to reference and learn about the industry and navigate your success path and achieve your personal goals.

“Where there is a will there is a way”. When you believe in your vision, your journey to success in Black Oxygen Organics is assured by your positive actions. When your “WHY” and your “WAY” are united as one driving unstoppable force, you will reap the rewards and achieve all your goals and dreams in life.

All the best you in health and success

Brian Smith



Motivation is the driving force which promotes action, it arouses a person to act towards a desired goal.


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