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There is nothing more potent that a personal experience… We all want to know if a product is ok, good or AMAZING. If you spend a little time watching a few testimonials you may find your story or learn something that will excite and encourage you to experience the BlackOxygen Organics Product Line.


exciting stories

How cool is it that peoples lives are changing


THANK YOU for having me and allowing me to share a little bit about myself an my story. Black Oxygen as I said before has changed my life in ways that’s hard to put into words. I owe Black Oxygen Organics my life.
I’ve always pushed myself to the limits and got to where I am today physically by pushing those limits. At one point in time the doctors said I wouldn’t walk again and for years I wasn’t sure I would. I went a wheelchair to a walker to using a cane. After black Oxygen I don’t use any assistance. My pain levels went from a good day of being an 8 out of 10 to a 5-6. There were days I wouldn’t and couldn’t get out of bed. Since I started I’ve been none stop moving and the joy I get with my kids is just breathe-taking because I was very limited.
I want to thank you again for the chance to share my story with you and hopefully my story will and can help others to a path with this amazing supplement. Thank you and God bless.
Shawn Smith


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If you have a story hiding inside that needs to get out… PLEASE email us. Every Tuesday we have a short webinar call on ZOOM… see our schedule above for the details. These calls provide an incredible blessing to all who attend.

Here is how it works…

Contact John Altshuler and let him know that you or someone you know has a story to share.

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Send me a short few points about yourself and very brief explanation of your story… oh, email me a picture of you as well.

I will respond via email or phone to chat and will send you a few tips on how to get on the call and have a great time sharing your story.

It is EASY and I promise to make it fun and effortless.